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We are an SEO company that custom-tailors our SEO services to ensure our client site attracts not just any kind of traffic, but the kind that turns into conversions and results for their businesses.

At KBA Web, transparency is at the core of our service.

We always show you the real numbers to give you a clear picture of your progress. By being data-driven, we eliminate guesswork and provide precise insights.

Of course, we won’t simply send you graphs and charts and call it a day. We see to it that everything is easy to understand. So, expect clear reports and jargon-free explanations.

We believe that transparency helps us build lasting relationships with our clients. We openly tackle challenges and discuss solutions and strategies, ensuring we’re always on the same page.

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What is SEO?

Less than 1% of searchers click past the first page of a Google search. So, if you’re website sits in the back rows of search results, you won’t be getting the traffic and leads necessary to move your business forward.

Which is why SEO, or search engine optimisation, matters. SEO involves actions to improve your website’s performance so search engines like Google can understand it better.

As Google looks into your site, it assesses the level of user experience (UX) your site offers. This means that, at the same time, SEO is also about enhancing your site for your target audience, which requires creating quality content and optimising technical elements for faster page loading speed, among many others.

Ultimately, these efforts result in higher search engine rankings, leading to increased traffic, leads, and revenue.

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Why is SEO Important?

Effective SEO helps you keep track of your competitors in terms of website traffic, leads and sales.

For example, you can identify which keywords are driving traffic to their site, see which websites are linking to their content, understand what types of content resonate well with their audience and so on.

With this information, we’re able to help you adjust your own strategies, so you can outrank them – and keep it that way for the long run.

Why do businesses need SEO? What positive impact does it have?

SEO is an investment in the future of your company. SEO may assist you in meeting your company objectives by increasing the visibility of your website, attracting qualified leads, and establishing trust with potential consumers. Here are some important aspect why a business needs SEO.

To Increase Online Visibility

When you rank on top of search engine results pages (SERPs), you become more visible to potential customers. This allows people to discover and learn more about your brand and the unique products or services you have in store.

Targetted Traffic

A well-optimised website can rank higher in search engine results pages, leading to an increase in organic traffic from search engines. But more than just getting traffic, effective SEO helps you funnel in qualified traffic. By focusing on terms that potential clients are searching for, you can attract people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

For Better User Experience

SEO can improve the user experience, making it faster and easier to navigate, which can increase engagement and reduce bounce rates.

To Increase Conversions and Revenue

We optimise your website to rank for location-specific searches. This is done by selecting search terms your local customers are using and creating content around those keywords. This helps improve your online visibility especially when trying to rank for multiple cities or towns.

Why KBA Web?

Our wide range of SEO solutions caters to businesses of all sizes

Local SEO

By tapping the local market, you can maximise your company’s potential in your community. Our professional strategies will assist you in reaching and connecting with your target audience, increasing traffic and conversions.

National SEO

We manage your site’s online visibility to rank for keywords that apply to a nationwide pool of customers. This approach is applicable when you want to market and sell your products or services beyond your local city or region.

Global SEO

Thinking of marketing your products to an international audience? We can create a comprehensive Global SEO that includes dealing with language targeting, Hreflang tags and cultural nuances. We also optimise for localisation signals in the countries you wish to target.

Keyword Research

We leverage advanced tools and analytics to look for keywords your business can realistically rank for. We look into metrics like search volume, competition and relevancy to select keywords that are most likely to attract traffic and bring the most value to your business.

SEO Copywriting Services

Looking to add a new landing page to your website? With our SEO copywriting services, we can write engaging copy that can hook your customers from start to end, and optimized for your target keywords. This way, your page remains appealing to both search engines and your website visitors.

Link Acquisition

Obtaining high-quality backlinks from other websites will improve the authority and visibility of your web pages in search engines. Using methods that adhere to Google’s guidelines, we engage in backlinking opportunities, such as manual outreach, guest posting and content collaborations, among others.

On-Page Optimisation

We integrate your keywords naturally into your website’s content, from headings and text body, to meta tags and multimedia. We also take care of technical elements to improve your site’s page speed, navigation and architecture. Overall, this makes your website understandable and crawlable for search engines.

Ecommerce SEO

We utilise advanced SEO techniques specifically tailored for ecommerce platforms. This includes high-quality images with alt tags, a balance of copywriting and SEO, mobile optimisation, national SEO strategies, and schema markup to enhance product visibility and drive more sales.

GMB Optimisation

We manage your Google Business Profile, ensuring accurate name, address and phone (NAP) details, as well as up to date business descriptions and images. In addition to that, we respond to customer feedback to encourage repeat visits and address issues or concerns.

What we believe in! Don't fall for the "Cheap SEO" trap

You come across a $500-a-month SEO provider and think, ‘Wow, I just saved myself hundreds of bucks.’ Wrong. Here’s how a cheap agency goes about this ‘steal’ you’re proud of.

With this little money, they resort to sneaky, low-effort, ‘quick-win’ tactics that violate search engine guidelines. Or they could outsource your account to a cheaper freelancer overseas (who’ll probably use the same sneaky tactics)…

As these gimmicks usually produce short-lived results, cheap seo services lean on their sales talk prowess to present these fake successes.

By the time long-term consequences and penalties kick in, you’ll find yourself looking for a quality SEO provider to reverse the damage.

Sounds nothing like ‘savings’ now, does it?

At KBA Web, our SEO approach is future-proof. We only use methods that strictly comply with search engine guidelines, ensuring you benefit from your initial investment for years. 

As a team of SEO professionals, expect to speak and work directly with an expert – not a salesperson or account manager – from first contact and throughout our partnership.

We offer SEO Services to Different Cities and Suburbs in Australia

We work with clients all over the world, but most specifically, here are just some of the locations in Australia we service. 

SEO Glossary of Terms

Below are common SEO terms, including their definitions, that you’ll encounter throughout your SEO journey.

On-Page SEO Terms

Keyword Research

The foundation of effective SEO, which involves analysing and selecting terms and phrases potential customers use when searching online,. This helps in creating content that matches the searcher’s or user’s intent.

Title Tags

HTML elements that specify the title of a web page. These are the titles that appear in search engine results for users to click, as well as in browser tabs.


Meta Description

A brief summary of a web page’s contents. These are the short descriptions placed below the title tag in search engine results, attracting users to click on your link. 


Content SEO Terms

Content Optimisation

The process of improving content quality so it becomes more attractive to search engines and users. It involves incorporating relevant keywords, improving readability and using the best type of content to match user intent.

Keyword Density

The ratio between the number of times a keyword appears in your content and the total word count.

Internal Linking

The action of adding links within a webpage connecting to other relevant pages on your website. This helps users navigate your site better and improves SEO by distributing page authority.

Off-Page SEO Terms


Links from other websites to your own, serving as ‘trust votes’ that indicate your website’s industry relevance and authority.

Link Building Strategies

Methods used to acquire backlinks from other websites, such as guest posting, reaching out to influencers or bloggers and creating shareable content.

Local SEO Terms

Google My Business

Google Business Profile (GBP), is a free tool that allows businesses to manage their online presence for location-based searches. This is especially important for local SEO, as it helps a business rank highly in Google Maps.

Local Citations

Online mentions of your business’s name, address, and phone (NAP), usually in local business directories. Although, your NAP details can also be mentioned on blog sites, as well as on social platforms,.

Technical SEO Terms

Website Speed

Refers to how fast a web page loads. Generally, the faster your site loads, the better the user experience and your site’s SEO rankings.

Mobile Responsiveness

A website’s ability to adapt and function properly on mobile devices. With more users accessing the web through their phones, this technical SEO element should be prioritised.

Schema Markup

A form of microdata added to a website’s HTML. This code helps search engines understand your content better and enables them to display rich snippets in search results, which can attract user click-throughs.

Rich Snippets

Enhanced search results that display additional information like reviews, ratings or images. As a result, users have a better preview of your content and are more likely to click through.

SEO Tool & Analytics Terms

Google Search Console

A free tool for monitoring and troubleshooting your site’s online presence in Google Search results. It provides you with real-time insights into your search traffic and performance.

Google Analytics

A free web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic, as well as user behaviour, total conversions, and other insights into the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.


A popular SEO tool that provides insights into your website’s performance and includes tools for keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor research  and many more.


An all-in-one marketing tool, offering SEO PPC, social media and content marketing insights.

SEO Performance Terms

Search Engine Results Page

Also abbreviated as SERP, is the page displayed by search engines in response to a search query. This page contains different types of results, including organic search results, paid ads and featured snippets.

Oragnic Traffic

Visitors who arrive at your website through organic or unpaid search results.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The percentage of users who click on your link from the search engine results page. Higher-ranked pages tend to have higher CTRs.

Domain Authority

A metric developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank in search engine results, and is based on factors like backlinks and overall site quality.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of doing SEO?
Users who found your website through a search engine have a higher level of intent and are valuable, quality visitors who can be easily converted into customers. The most significant benefit of implementing an effective SEO strategy are as follows;
  • Increased visibility
  • Improved user experience
  • Better conversion rate
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Cost Effective
Overall, SEO can provide a range of benefits for your business, including increased visibility, improved user experience, better conversion rates, increased brand awareness, and cost-effectiveness. By implementing an effective SEO strategy, you can help to improve the online presence of your business and attract more potential customers.
What is the cost of SEO services?

KBA Web is a Top-level SEO Service provider in Australia. We offer you a standard pricing program to make it simple for you. In addition, our SEO Packages is entirely designed to meet the needs of your specific company and industry requirement. Every Business and website are alike, and once one of our SEO Specialists gets to know your company and needs better, we’ll be capable of providing you with an accurate SEO price.

Please note that we have a minimum SEO Package of AU$2000 + GST per month.

Does my website need SEO?

Definitely! Every website needs SEO.

Why? How are you going to connect with your target market if your webpage is only in the back row? Over 90% of your target audience is unaware that your website exists. Websites are typically found through Google and other search engines while searching for specific keywords.

Because search engines are the modern discovery tool, the majority of your website’s visitors will be discovering your company for the first time. As more people discover your website via Google, you not only increase traffic but also revenue.

It’s also important to look at the competition for those keywords because there’s no point in attempting to rank for keywords that you won’t be able to rank for because your competitors are far too established. There are always low-hanging fruit keywords, which are keywords that have few competitors but are still used by your target customers.

Should I focus on Local, Interstate or International SEO?
It is perfect for small businesses seeking to target clients in a particular region or place. Keep your SEO efforts local for the time being if you want to gradually grow. However, you should act globally if you wish to broaden the range of your services or make your products available to buyers abroad.
Can you differentiate Local and International SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimising a website for lead generation and brand awareness via local search. For a city or region, local search engine optimisation is preferable. It is ideal for small businesses looking to target customers in a specific location or area.

Local SEO returns results based on the seeker’s current location. To maximise the possibility of your website ranking on the search engine result page, the keywords in the content of your site should be optimised for the intended location.

While global SEO is another name for worldwide SEO, which comprises using numerous foreign search engines to target different customers around the world The majority of businesses who offer their goods and services internationally employ international SEO.

By utilising geo-targeting, hreflang tags, and other localisation signals, you may target content to people all around the world. Google and other search engines receive special signals that let them know which nations or languages your website’s content is appropriate for.

How should I maintain my organic traffic?

Only a few strategies can help you maintain organic website traffic.
Providing your readers with worthwhile information on a regular basis is one of the best methods to achieve this. Targeting words and phrases that are associated with your goods or services can help users understand what you do.

Users will leave if they have a horrible experience, so make sure your site loads quickly.

In order for each page to appear in SERPs, add links to each page. These three actions will keep your website’s traffic up, improve its rating, and enable you to produce leads and sales.

Although Google’s algorithm ranks webpages based on more than 200 ranking parameters.

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