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We provide tailored SEO services for businesses in Perth. Our friendly SEO team will work closely with you to create an award-wining SEO strategy designed for your business and your ideal customers.

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There are over a BILLION websites out there, fighting tooth and nail for that top spot in search results.

And guess what? You’re one of them.

Sure, a lot of those aren’t your direct competitors. But try weeding out the irrelevant ones…you still have a swarm of rivals to contend with!

Imagine the nightmare of doing nothing, while your rivals snatch and run off with your valuable customers…

So, how do you rise above the noise and make yourself known to your customers out there?

With a tailor made SEO approach, you have a sturdy foundation to climb up the SERPs ladder, making your presence known and keeping your customers close especially local customers in Perth.

We at KBA Web, armed with years of experience and the latest SEO tools can craft the best SEO strategy that aligns with your unique goals, and your ideal customer.

We’ve assisted businesses who’ve faced the same challenges you’re currently up against, which is why we’re absolutely confident that, together, we can achieve online success.

The power to outrank your rivals is within your reach. Give us a call and let’s talk!

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Our Finest SEO Services in Perth

Find out more about the whole range of SEO services we provide for companies in Perth of all sizes, including link building, local SEO, and more.

Link Building

Link Building

More credibility in the eyes of Google means better chances of ranking high in SERPs, and the way to do that is by acquiring high-quality backlinks. Our team of SEO consultants in Perth reaches out to other authoritative websites in your industry and build connections to secure backlinks or “”referrals” to your website.

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Web Development

Local SEO

With “Near me” searches becoming more popular among online users, it’s essential for your business to appear in local search queries like “cafes near me” or “restaurants in Perth”. We research and identify terms or phrases used by your local customers in your niche, as well as local market trends. This way, you can boost your online visibility and establish your business as your local area’s go-to.

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GMB Management Services

With an optimized GMB profile, you can rank as the top business in Google’s Local Map Pack, which is a list of local businesses in a specific area, including their store information and pin location. We can take care of this area for you, making sure information like opening hours, contact details, address, and other information are complete and accurate, for your customers’ reference.

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National SEO

National SEO Services

Connect with potential customers from all corners of your country and open new doors to success beyond the bounds of your local market. We’ve got you covered through our comprehensive National SEO approach, considering keywords, topics, and trends that may interest your nationwide customers.

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SEO Copywriting

Give your audience a reason to look forward to and watch them come back for more. We can assist you in creating informative, well-researched content that your audience will love and enjoy. We also make sure to seamlessly weave the relevant keywords into your content to make it more discoverable to search engines. No keyword stuffing, just pure wordsmithing.

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Global SEO

Global SEO Services

If you want to step into the global arena and spread your brand’s influence overseas, Global SEO is the way to go. Our expert Perth SEO can assist you in creating a detailed Global SEO strategy that takes into account the challenges of connecting with an international audience, including language barriers, cultural differences, and global search trends in your niche, to effectively connect with them.

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On-Page Optimization

Slow page loading speed, broken links, and poor user experience make for a recipe for online disaster. We conduct thorough website audit and on-page optimization to rectify these issues and improve your website’s SEO performance. On top of that, we ensure that your website’s copy and content are all naturally filled with the relevant keywords we’re aiming to rank for.

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Our Top Notch SEO Technique to Build Your Web Traffic

In-depth Website Audit


All of your website’s technical elements are taken care of first to ensure excellent user experience. Think about fast page loading times, ease of navigation, mobile responsiveness or adaptability, and effective internal and external linking structure, among others. To achieve this, we conduct extensive website audit.



Keywords are key to helping search engines understand your website, allowing them to deliver your site to the right customers. We conduct in-depth keyword research to identify and analyze the “best” keywords to rank for. Here, we consider the keywords’ relevance to your niche and target audience, as well as their search volumes and competition.

Strategize & Finding Quick Wins


The bits of quick-win opportunities are the “low-hanging fruits” that can accumulate over time and result into huge SEO wins. With this principle, we craft a detailed SEO strategy that paves an efficient path to guide your business from point A to point B, making the best use of your resources and financial investment.



With our carefully-crafted SEO strategy, we set the gears and motion and carry out the necessary steps to SEO success, from on- and off-page optimization, to content creation and link-building. We also regularly monitor our SEO efforts to see if our strategy is working, or if adjustments are necessary.

What Makes Us Stand-out?




Ultimately, what matters are high-quality results. We love what we do, and that is why we continue to go above and beyond in helping our clients achieve their SEO goals, whether that’s increasing traffic, leads, or conversions. We are grateful for their positive feedback and appreciation for our efforts, which motivates us further to do our best.




Stay worry-free as we provide you with regular updates of our SEO progress and show you the real numbers from our analytics. We’re always committed to being transparent and open with our clients as this help both parties make the best decisions that lead to further success.




SEO can be a big investment, that is why our SEO packages are carefully crafted with budget and efficiency in mind. Our “quick-win” approach is designed to deliver the outcomes that result from the efficient use of your resources and investment, at a price that fits within your tight budget.


No Minimum


Feel free to cancel our services if you’re not happy with the outcomes. Unlike other SEO companies in Perth that require a minimum term (usually 6-12 months), KBA Web allows you to cancel at any time, as long as you provide a two-week notice period.

SEO Service Locations aside from Perth

We work with clients all over the world, here are just some of the areas in Australia we service

SEO Perth FAQ`s

Frequently Asked Questions

An excellent SEO strategy includes a combination of all these types of SEO below:

1. Technical SEO — Covers all technical elements of your website, such as site structure, sitemaps, robots.txt file, site speed, mobile responsiveness, and many others, so that search engines can easily crawl and index all of your web pages.

2. On-page SEO — Covers website elements that focuses on user experience (can sometimes overlap with Technical SEO). This includes performing keyword research and incorporating them naturally into the headings, titles, and content, web design and formatting, ease of navigation, internal linking structure, and so on.

3. Off-page SEO — Covers the SEO efforts done “off-page” or outside of your website. This primarily refers to building high-quality backlinks from reputable sites in your industry through manual outreach, guest posting, social media outreach, and other relationship-building efforts to improve your website’s credibility and rankings.

4. Local SEO — A type of on-page SEO that focuses on improving online visibility over a specific geographic area. By having more online presence in local searches (e.g. [product/service] near me, [product/service] in [specific location], a business can increase foot traffic to their physical store.

In some cases, you may see tangible results or improvements in your rankings within just a few months. For others, it can take more time to see tangible results.

The ugly truth is, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. There are several factors that come into play, such as the nature of your industry, the competition, algorithm updates, and so on, all of which can affect how long it will take to see results.

But one thing is clear: SEO indeed works. And while the time to see results may vary, numerous successful businesses can attest to how it helps them scale and grow.

We at KBA Web, are an SEO company in Perth that offers you a standard pricing program to make things simple for you.

Our SEO packages are entirely designed to meet your business’s specific and your industry’s requirements. Once our Perth SEO expert gets to know and understand better your company identity and needs better, we’ll be capable of giving you with a more accurate SEO price.

Please note that we have a minimum SEO Package of AUD 1600 dollars per month (Plus the GST).

Users who found your website through a search engine have a higher level of intent and are valuable, quality visitors who can be easily converted into customers.

With that said, SEO can help your business in many ways:
– Increase online visibility, which may lead to more customers buying or subscribing to your product or service
– Improve your site’s user experience, which can make the buying process easier for customers
– Increase your brand awareness
– Boost your organic traffic over time without the need to pay for each click like you would with paid ads (i.e. cost-efficient)

Generally, an SEO agency is expected to do the following:

1. Perform a range of on and off-page optimization techniques, keyword research, content creation, and relationship-building, among many others.

2. Be constantly updated with search engine updates, algorithm changes, and other factors that can affect your website’s SEO rankings

3. Use modern SEO strategies and tools which can streamline a lot of work and increase the chances of achieving an effective SEO campaign.

4. They have already established relationships with other website owners and industry leaders which your business can leverage in efforts to rank higher in SERPs.

5. Provide you with reports and insights on your site’s SEO performance, and identifying and fixing issues along the way.

You don’t need to be an expert to find out if SEO is working for you. You can simply look at these aspects:

Improved organic rankings: Simply do a Google search of the keywords you’re ranking for and see if there are any improvements in the rankings compared to, say, the previous month.

Increased organic traffic: Through simple tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or other plugins, you can see if there are any improvements in organic search impressions, number of clicks, and so on.

Higher conversion rates: Measure if your website’s ability to convert visitors into customers has improved. You can use tools like Google Analytics and many others.

Your SEO service provider (if you’re working with one) will usually provide you with regular updates and reports showing the progress and results of your SEO efforts — much like how we do it here in KBA Web — to keep you in the loop and worry-free.

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