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Did you know, 53% of customers use the search engine to do research first before they purchase something…

And if you’re nowhere to be found on Google, how would they know about the exceptional products and services you offer?

Truth is, it’s not that you have lackluster products or services…

There are millions of active websites vying for that top spot on the search results podium…

And if you don’t do something, your rivals just might snatch customers who should have been yours!

Here at KBA Web, we’ll provide you with a simple and practical roadmap — one that truly aligns with your business goals and ideal clients — so you can rise through the ranks and be more visible as a neon sign in the night!

The best part? Our roadmap is super easy to follow — 100% jargon-free. That’s what our past clients appreciate the most!

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Profitable SEO Services for Manly Businesses

Find out more about the whole range of SEO services we provide for companies of all sizes, including link building, local SEO, and more.

Web Development

Local SEO


In an era of rising “Near me” searches, it’s vital for your business to pop up when customers search for terms related to your business, like “coffee shop near me” or “laundry shop in Manly”. We can help you establish a strong presence in your local market, winning over your community and becoming the go-to business in your area.

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Link Building

Link Acquisition


To enhance your rankings, building authority is key. And to do that, you need high-quality “backlinks” from respected website owners in your niche. We assist you in fostering meaningful relationships with them through manual outreach and opportunities for guest posts to secure these valuable links.

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Google My Business Optimization


Ever noticed how convenient it is to click on businesses listed in Google’s Map Pack, the one with a handy map displaying their locations? Through smart GMB optimization, we elevate your profile’s visibility and manage customer reviews effectively. This boosts your chances of ranking higher and gaining more attention from potential customers in your vicinity.

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SEO Copywriting


We keep your website engaging for both your audience and search engines by crafting captivating, informative, and keyword-rich content. We believe your audience should find all the information they need on your site, so we create “complete” and compelling content that addresses their questions and provides clear solutions to their challenges.

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On-Page Optimization


Pages that load slowly or have navigation issues can drive website visitors away. Our SEO services Manly conducts comprehensive website audits and optimizes on-page elements to ensure everything runs smoothly, is easy to navigate, and loads seamlessly on various devices. Plus, we seamlessly integrate relevant keywords into your site’s content.

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National SEO

National SEO


Expanding your reach beyond your local turf can open the door to a much wider national audience. Our National SEO approach hinges on smartly identifying keywords, topics, and trends that resonate with a broader set of people. This not only boosts your brand’s visibility but also draws in more customers in every corner of the nation.

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Global SEO

Global SEO


If you dream of making your brand known worldwide, Global SEO is the way to go! Our SEO company Manly is experienced in the complexities of global markets, capable of dealing with the unique challenges of reaching an international audience — language barriers, cultural nuances, and ever-changing global search trends in your industry.

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Proven & Tested SEO Technique to Increase your Organic Traffic

Strategize & Finding
Quick Wins


While SEO is a long-term endeavor, we don’t underestimate the power of quick wins; these “low- hanging fruits” add up to substantial, lasting SEO achievements! Here, we craft a streamlined SEO strategy that optimizes your financial investment and steers your business toward your desired level of success.

Website Audit


We dive deep into your website’s inner workings to uncover any technical issues that may be hampering your search engine rankings. From broken links to slow loading times and so on, our aim is to ensure that your website is operating at its best and is fully optimized for search engines.



Effective content is built on a foundation of the right keywords. We utilize cutting-edge SEO tools to track down, analyze, and select the ideal search terms, ensuring they’re a perfect fit for our overarching SEO strategy. We look into the search volume and competition level of these keywords to determine the most valuable targets for optimization.



Once our SEO strategy is established, we put it into action. But it doesn’t end there — we keep a watchful eye on our SEO efforts, making sure they’re paying off. If we identify room for improvement, we adjust our approach to ensure your business gets the best possible results.

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Rest assured, we’re here to keep you well-informed. We ensure you’re consistently updated, whether it’s for celebratory milestones or minor hiccups along the journey. Should any questions or concerns arise, you’re free to reach out — we’re here to prioritize your peace of mind.




We’re all about making things happen, and by “things,” we mean top-tier results! We’re always inspired by the positive feedback we receive from our clients, and it pushes us to keep striving for excellence and help your business achieve the outcomes you deserve!


No Minimum


You won’t have to sign any shady, binding contracts! Unlike some other SEO services in Manly that demand a 6 to 12-month commitment, we give you the freedom to cancel at any time. Just give us a heads-up two weeks before.




We’re all about getting the most from your budget — zero waste! Our strategy focuses on grabbing the quick, easy wins first, ensuring every penny you invest counts. Even our basic SEO package is budget-friendly, so you start seeing value right away.

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SEO Manly FAQ`s

Frequently Asked Questions

We start by getting to know and understand your business and industry. What is your all about? What problems does your product or service solve?

Then, we look into your target audience to figure out what keywords or terms they are searching for, and we select the most relevant ones for your website.

We also perform competitor research to get an idea of keywords or phrases that might be worth ranking for.

After which, we use modern SEO tools to analyze the keywords’ search volumes and competition levels to inform us of whether targeting a certain keyword would be worth it or not.

SEO is important for small businesses as it may be the key ingredient in elevating your business from a small one to a bigger and more successful one.

How so? A solid SEO strategy helps your website rank higher in search results, which gives your small business the opportunity to compete with other businesses (including big enterprises) and get your share of the market.

Apart from that, SEO is a cost-effective online marketing strategy. It’s a much more affordable marketing solution compared to paid ads, which is ideal for those just starting out, or working with a tight budget.

Some of the most common SEO errors include the following:

1. Slow website loading speed: Optimize images, enable browser caching, and improve server response time.

2. Mobile optimization issues: Apply multiple tests during optimization to ensure all responsiveness issues are addressed.

3. Keyword stuffing: Incorporate keywords naturally into the text body. Don’t force them, otherwise, the grammar and readability of your content will be compromised.

4. Purely AI generated content: Check AI content for any factual inaccuracies and change accordingly. Also, improve the tone of voice as AI generic content is generally robotic-sounding.

Yes, SEO can be influenced by location, which is why there’s such a thing as “Local SEO”. Local SEO is basically a “location-based” SEO approach intended for businesses trying to connect with customers in a specific geographical area.

Local SEO returns results based on the searcher’s current location. For example, if you Google “SEO company Manly”, you’ll get a list of nearby SEO services in Manly, NSW.

So, if you are a small business seeking to win over your local market, or wanting to establish yourself as your area’s go-to business, it is ideal to invest in local SEO for the time being as you gradually grow into a larger, more successful one.

If you want to verify the real results of your SEO efforts (and we recommend you do), look at the following signs:

– Increase in SERPs rankings

– Increase in organic traffic

– Users spending more time on page

– Higher conversion rates

– More leads or sales

This can be done through the use of analytical tools, such as Google Analytics.

SEO best practices that can help you improve your rankings include the following:

– Conduct thorough and topic-based keyword research: Skip keywords that are irrelevant to your audience, or those that offer little return

– Consistently create and release in-depth and engaging content: Don’t create blogs without any substance. Instead, be as in-depth as you can be and provide as much value as you can to your audience, as this showcases your topical expertise.

– Prioritize backlink quality over quantity: Getting a handful of links from trusted, influential websites works wonders, and it’s way better than having thousands of low-quality, sketchy backlinks that can actually hurt your rankings.

– Regularly check your site for technical issues: Make sure to address any on-site issues like slow site speed, broken links, duplicate content, mobile-responsiveness issues, and so on to keep your website running smoothly.

– Keep tabs with SEO shifts and trends: Algorithm updates and user trends can pop up out of nowhere. Watch out for these by keeping yourself updated with the latest news on SEO. Keep tabs on your competitors and make any adjustments to your SEO approach as necessary.

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