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It’s time to achieve your website’s rightful position at the top! Join forces with our elite SEO Townsville team to get started. They will collaborate with you to develop a tailored SEO plan in 2023 that targets your ideal audience and distinguishes you from your rivals.

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Benefits of SEO Townsville Services for your Business

You may think that creating your website is the end of the journey, but the truth is, there’s still one problem that lies ahead…

How do you make sure people actually find you?

You’ve spent so much time and effort perfecting your website, showcasing the exceptional products or services you can offer…

And yet, no one knows about it. Your website remains buried among countless others, all claiming to be the best.

That’s where a comprehensive SEO strategy comes in. With a personalized SEO approach, you can climb up the SERPs ladder and surpass your competition.

And the best part, all the time and resources you’ve invested in building your site won’t go to waste.

We, at KBA Web, are a trusted SEO agency Townsville, with the goal of providing you with a smart SEO strategy that’s aligned with your unique goals and your target audience.

Having worked with several businesses before towards their successes, we’ve continuously honed our SEO chops to always deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

So, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team! We’re happy to assist you as you take your business to new heights of success!


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Our SEO Services for Businesses in Townsville

Find out more about the whole range of SEO services we provide for companies in Townsville of all sizes.

Web Development

Local SEO

“Nearby” searches, such as “salons near me” or “restaurants in Townsville”, are becoming more popular among online customers. Your business website can rank high for local search terms such as these with the guidance of our local SEO Townsville expert, allowing you to attract more customers to your shop and be your local market’s go-to.

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Link Building

Link Building

The more credible you look, the more Google sees you as deserving of the top spot in search results. To help you establish your credibility and authority in your industry, we obtain “votes of trust” in the form of high-quality backlinks from other reputable websites. We do this through manual outreach and relationship-building, convincing these websites to make “referrals” to your site.

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GMB Management Services

With an optimized GMB profile in Townsville, you can rank high in search results page via the Google Map Pack — you know, the list that pops up with a list of businesses with their pinned locations? KBA Web, your Townsville SEO agency can assist you in optimizing all important information so your customers have everything they need to find and visit your shop.

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SEO Copywriting

You don’t want a customer to be just a “passerby” — the goal is to keep them around and nurture them into becoming loyal customers. To achieve that, we create keyword-optimized and valuable content that interests your audience. With regular doses of engaging material, you can keep them coming back, making sure they sticking around for the long haul.

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On-Page Optimization

A site that takes ages to load and is plagued with issues like broken links and clunky sections is a disaster waiting to happen in terms of your SEO performance. That’s why we conduct a thorough website inspection to identify and promptly fix these issues, and address other on-page elements like mobile-responsiveness, crawlability, and duplicate content, among many others.

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National SEO

National SEO Services

You can expand your business and reach a nationwide audience through a comprehensive National SEO approach. We look into national search trends relevant to your target market and use this valuable insight to perform effective on-page optimization and create keyword-rich content.

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Global SEO

Global SEO Services

You can take your business to the global arena and connect with people from around the world through Global SEO. We weave our way through the complexities of the global market, including language barriers and cultural differences, using strategies such as in-depth international keyword research, global outreach and partnerships, multilingual optimization, and so on

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Our Award-Winning SEO Approach to Grow Digital Presence

In-depth Website Audit


To ensure your website is fully free from technical issues that are bringing your rankings down, we perform a thorough website audit before anything else. We look into aspects like loading speed, internal and external linking, duplicate content, ease of navigation, and many others and apply the necessary fixes to optimize your site.



Creating a website filled with search-engine friendly, keyword-rich content requires in-depth keyword research. We explore and analyze search terms and topics your customers are interested in. We select only the most effective ones, looking deeply into metrics like search volume, difficulty, and search intent to make smart keyword choices for your content.

Quick Wins


Taking advantage of “quick wins” — or as we like to call it, grabbing the “low-hanging fruit” — is a an efficient way to get from point A to B. With this principle in mind, we create an SEO roadmap designed to work smart and work hard, paving an efficient path for your business to soar and achieve greater success.



With a solid plan set in place, we kickstart and set our SEO journey in motion. We dive into optimizing your site’s on-page elements, building quality backlinks, crafting engaging content, and so on. On top of that, we keep you in the loop by providing you with regular reports showing the progress of our SEO endeavors..

How are we Different


No Minimum


If our outcomes don’t live up to your expectations, no worries at all — you can opt-out with just a two-week notice period. We’re an SEO company in Townsville that doesn’t pressure you to sign a long-term deal. We value the peace of mind of our clients even if that means parting ways with them.




SEO can be heavy on the wallet, which is why we’ve crafted budget-friendly SEO packages, providing quality results that can match or even surpass those offered by more expensive SEO agencies. Our smart strategies are carefully crafted to pave the most efficient path to take your business from point A to point B.




Get regular updates on the REAL progress of our SEO efforts, without having to ask for it! We value honesty and transparency in all our client partnerships as we believe it helps us make the best decisions when it comes to achieving further success.




When everything’s said and done, the only thing that truly counts are quality results. We appreciate the kind words of our valued clients, expressing their thanks for the success we have brought to their business. We love what we do, and that is why we’re always inspired to deliver the best results for our clients.

SEO Service Locations

We work with clients all over the world, here are just some of the areas in Australia we service

SEO Townsville FAQ`s

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Townsville is a popular search term used by many businesses looking for SEO services in Townsville, Australia. With a significant 68% of online experiences starting with a search engine, they aim to leverage the capability of SEO to connect with this vast online audience.

As more and more businesses realize how effective SEO is, it’s no surprise that more will be seeking the assistance of reputable SEO services. So, it’s a good time to invest in SEO now than later, and have it form part of your overall online marketing strategy to get the best results.

Generally, an SEO agency is expected to do the following:

1. Perform a range of on and off-page optimization techniques, keyword research, content creation, and relationship-building, among many others.

2. Be constantly updated with search engine updates, algorithm changes, and other factors that can affect your website’s SEO rankings

3. Use modern SEO strategies and tools which can streamline a lot of work and increase the chances of achieving an effective SEO campaign.

4. They have already established relationships with other website owners and industry leaders which your business can leverage in efforts to rank higher in SERPs.

5. Provide you with reports and insights on your site’s SEO performance, and identifying and fixing issues along the way.

6. Be knowledgeable of marketing principles and use their expertise to create smart and effective SEO strategies tailored to your business’s unique needs and its target audience.

Of course, the SEO company’s scope of work can vary, depending on several circumstances and your agreement with them. For example, if you need content for your new site, they can write keyword-rich blogs for you. Or if you need someone to get backlinks, the SEO agency can focus their resources on that aspect instead.

We at KBA Web, are an SEO company in Townsville that offers you a standard pricing program to make things simple for you.

Our SEO packages are entirely designed to meet your business’s specific and your industry’s requirements. Once our Townsville SEO Specialist gets to understand your company identity and needs better, we’ll be capable of providing you with a more accurate SEO price.

Please note that we have a minimum SEO Package of AUD 1600 dollars per month (Plus the GST).

SEO can be the game-changer that elevates your business from a small one to a bigger, more successful one.

How so? A solid SEO strategy helps your website rank higher in search results, which gives your small business the opportunity to compete with other businesses (including big enterprises) and get your share of the market.

Apart from that, SEO is a cost-effective online marketing strategy, which is ideal for those just starting out, or working with a tight budget. Unlike paid ads, SEO increases your organic traffic in the long run without having to pay for clicks.

If you, yourself want to verify the real results of your SEO efforts (and we recommend you do), there are certain metrics you can look at, such as:

– Increase in SERP organic rankings

– Increase in organic traffic

– Users spending more time on page

– Higher conversion rates

– Increase in conversion rate

This can be done through the use of analytical tools, such as Google Analytics.

To get a better sense of the results, it’s best to look at these metrics together rather than focusing on each one individually.

Factors that can affect your site’s SEO performance are as follows:

1. Keywords — Keywords must be relevant to your industry and your target audience. Basically, these serve as “clues” for search engines to understand what your website is all about, which allows them to deliver your website to users who search for the same keywords online.

2. Content — There’s no better way to showcase your “topical authority” in your industry than releasing interesting and engaging content. Doing so can increase your credibility in the eyes of both search engines and your audience, which helps boost your ranking.

3. On-page optimization — On-site elements like titles, headings, URLs, and so on must be optimized with the appropriate keywords. This makes your site make more sense to search engines, allowing it to be more discoverable.

4. Technical SEO – Your website must be optimized for search engines to easily crawl and index all of your pages. This involves having good site structure, sitemaps, robots.txt file, and so on.

5. Backlinks — Having quality backlinks sends positive signals to search engines, telling them that your site is well-respected by other reputable websites in your industry. This increases your credibility, and ultimately, your rankings.

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