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Start of SEO Campaign
August 2023

About the Project

KBA Web discovered that KBA Global’s website was badly designed, had lengthy URLs, and wasn’t SEO-friendly.

Although there wasn’t much content, we could see that the website had been up for a while and had gained Google’s trust. That being said, when scouting the competitors, we realised they had roughly 10–20 times as much content and backlinks.

We established three main goals to improve KBA Global’s online presence:

  • Improve site navigation, site loading speed, mobile responsiveness and overall user experience
  • Increase domain authority to up chances of ranking in search results
  • Increase organic traffic
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The Solution

Here’s what we did to help KBA Global overcome their challenges and increase its traffic.


The Website was redesigned

We fixed technical issues affecting site speed and mobile responsiveness, and revamped the entire site design to improve the interface and navigation. SEO-wise, we optimised page headings, meta tags and URLs to help them rank better for their target keywords.


DR increased to 24

We focused on acquiring backlinks via manual outreach and guest posting. To ensure the quality of these links, we manually reviewed each potential referring site to detect any indications of spam, and set minimum criteria for both domain rating and traffic.


Regular Content

From our competitive analysis, we found that top-ranking pages lack information structure and content organisation. We consistently crafted and published better blogs and articles, boosting organic traffic by 11x within 6 months of starting the SEO campaign.

Project Highlights

DR 91– highest backlink DR obtained

DR 91– highest backlink DR obtained

We secured a backlink from leading startup and business website entrepreneur.com (560k monthly traffic). This placement stemmed from KBA Global’s contribution to their featured content on amplifying thought leadership content.
70%+ increase in Organic Keywords

70%+ increase in Organic Keywords

Within 8 months from the start of the campaign, we were able to rank the site for 70% more keywords, in great part due to careful keyword research and regular content creation.
1600%+ increase in Top 3 Organic Keywords

1600%+ increase in Top 3 Organic Keywords

Going from only 14 top 3 organic keywords to now over 250 top 3 organic keywords.

100%+ increase in the number of Referring domains

100%+ increase in the number of Referring domains

We’ve added 46+ backlinks from high-quality and relevant domains since the start of the campaign, helping KBA Global’s domain rating reach 24 DR.

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