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Why was KBA Web founded!

The Digital Marketing and especially the SEO industry has gained a bad reputation within Australia. As, there are way too many full service digital marketing agencies and “SEO Gurus” that have no clue on what they’re doing.

You’ve probably have or at least know one person who has drained tens of thousands of dollars or more into improving their online presence, only to see no results.

And you’re not alone, in fact the same thing happened to me when I hired a Google Ads Agency for my previous business.

At KBA Web, we focus exclusively on SEO services because we believe in the adage, “A Jack of All Trades is a Master of None.” Unlike many other digital marketing companies that spread themselves too thin across various services, we are dedicated to mastering SEO.

Our approach is data-driven, ensuring that our strategies are backed by solid insights and evidence. We are committed to delivering actual, measurable results for our clients, helping them enhance their online visibility and achieve their business goals.


Our approach to SEO is built on three core principles

And these principles are why we consistently deliver results for our valued clients!

Data Driven Decision

We live on numbers – not hearsays or guesswork. With cutting-edge SEO tools, we analyse real data and understand what they mean to decide our next steps accordingly.

Customised Solutions

SEO success starts by recognising that every business is one-of-a-kind. We learn about your business inside-out to create a practical roadmap based on where you are in the market.

Long-Term Success

We stick to fundamental and honest white-hat SEO practices for sustainable success and business growth. This way, you still benefit from SEO once you stop or pause your campaign.
Meet the Team

Meet the brilliant minds behind our successful projects

Sam Kadel

Sam Kadel

Owen Burgher

Owen Burgher

SEO Strategist

Raquel Valle

Raquel Valle

SEO Specialist

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