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A poorly maintained website is like a rusty old car – it won’t take you very far. Our tailored website maintenance services will ensure your website keeps running at top speed so you can stay on the fast lane towards success.

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Website Maintenance Services at Your Convenience

You know you’re in trouble when you keep hearing complaints from your customers about your website crashing, showing error messages, or loading too slowly.

And let’s not go further into the nightmare of a hacked website!

Thankfully, there’s a remedy to avoid all the chaos that comes with a poorly maintained website – tailored website maintenance services.

You don’t have to worry about the headache of doing it yourself. Let KBA Web’s website experts do the dirty work for you. We’ll keep your website well-oiled, while you stay in control of your business.

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Benefits of Maintaining Your Website

Quick Win Overview

Maintain the Freshness of  Your Content


Through regular website maintenance, you ensure that your website always has up-to-date and relevant content. Plus, it helps your website keep up with the latest web design trends so it stays relevant in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Keep Your Website Secure


Imagine the disaster of having a hacked website! Website maintenance includes regular security updates and backups to keep your website safe from cyber threats. Your website will also have the safeguards to prevent sensitive information from being compromised.

Increase Customer Acquisition and Retention


As a result of fresh content, fast loading times, and error-free navigation, you’ll attract and retain more of your customers. They can also trust that their personal information and data will remain uncompromised, even in the event of a potential cyber threat or hack.

Avoid Expensive Disasters


Website downtime or crashes, which are symptoms of a poorly maintained website, can cost you money and customers. Among the other causes like poor user experience and decreased search engines, security vulnerabilities may be the most financially damaging as it can lead to costly legal consequences.

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Web maintenance

Website Maintenance

We conduct website maintenance to make sure that your website operates at peak efficiency. This involves fixing technical issues or errors, making updates to web software and plugins, and so on.

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Website Security

We ensure that your website is fully protected against cyber threats like hacking, malware, data breaches, and so on. This involves security measures like firewalls, SSL certificates, etc. to prevent unauthorized access and protect your customers’ confidential information.

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Website Management

We perform website management, which involves constantly tracking your website’s performance, traffic, and other analytics. It can also include optimizing for search engines and managing the business’s overall online campaign to ensure that your website is producing the intended results.

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Website Health Check

A website health check involves a comprehensive audit of your website to identify issues affecting your website’s performance and security. Based on the findings, we provide detailed reports and recommendations for improvement that will dictate the entire website maintenance and management approach.

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Website Maintenance Services FAQ`s

Frequently Asked Questions

Website maintenance services is a type of service that aims to keep websites up and running smoothly over time. It’s not a one-time process, but rather, an ongoing one that includes tasks like updating software and plugins, fixing broken links, improving loading speed, implementing security measures to prevent cyber attacks, and so on.

Website maintenance includes a wide range of activities. One of them is monitoring your website’s health and fixing any identified technical issues during the checks, which may require tasks like software updates, bug fixes, and backups among many others. Apart from that, it also includes setting up safeguards to protect your website against cyber threats. Think about firewalls, SSL certificates, malware detection, and so on.

Updating content can also be part of website maintenance, making sure that content is fresh and relevant to your tareget audience.

Website maintenance is important because, firstly, it keeps your website fresh and up-to-date with the latest website trends and best practices, which keeps you relevant and competetive in the current digital landscape, and allows you to retain the interests of your customers. More importantly, it shields your website from cyber criminals, preventing incidences like hacking and exposure of confidential customer data, which can result in costly damages and legal consequences.

You can check the status of your website’s maintenance by getting in touch with your web maintenance service provider and ask for reports and updates, including tasks that were done and any features or functions that were removed or added. As your provider will most likely already have a system in place for monitoring, it would be fairly easy for you to have access for your own reference.

The entire duration of a website maintenance varies depending on many factors, such as the size of your website, the scope of the web maintenance, and specific aspects of your website that needs to be fixed or updated.

Some websites may require daily maintenance, while others may require weekly or monthly maintenance.

The cost of maintaining a website varies depending on many factors, such as the size and complexity of the website, and the specific elements of your websites that need repairs or maintenance.

It also depends on the service provider themselves, as some charge may charge hourly rates, while others require a flat monthly or yearly fee.

KBA Web offers affordable website maintenance packages that suits your needs and budget. We recommend giving us a call so we can sort out the nitty gritty of coming up with a win-win arrangement.

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