Territory Care

About Territory Care
Territory Care Community Services is a registered NDIS service provider and community welfare organization that offers quality support services to people from diverse backgrounds. They have been serving clients in Darwin, Perth, and Brisbane and they believe in respecting the culture and diversity of their clients in delivering their services.
Territory Care had an existing website, but it was too slow, outdated and not user-friendly. It was difficult to navigate and customers were struggling to find the information they needed. They also needed to update the information on their site to stay relevant in their industry.
All of these issues were affecting their ability to attract new customers, and they were losing potential clients to their competitors.
The Solution
Territory Care approached KBA Web to help them revamp their website.
KBA Web removed unnecessary components and optimized the ones that were working. They improved the site speed, user interface and made it more visually appealing with brighter images. The content was updated to be more relevant and informative for their target audience.
(insert relevant image here, if we can provide a “before” and “after” here, that would really help make this section better)
KBA Web also added a new feature to the website, a referral page. This made things easier for customers since they could now fill out the referral form instead of having to complete a physical form.
This also streamlined the workflow for Territory Care as they had all the necessary information beforehand.
The End-Result
Territory Care was thrilled with the results. They had a website that was faster, more visually appealing, and easier to navigate. The updated content made it easier for customers to find the information they needed, and the referral page streamlined the process for both customers and Territory Care.
In conclusion, with KBA Web’s help, Territory Care was able to revamp their website and attract more customers to their business. The updated site design and features have made it easier for customers to navigate, find the information they need, and connect with Territory Care’s services.